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Success Stories

Making the Right Decision

As a last resort, *Emily’s family called d.a.c. to help them understand their daughter’s options after being admitted to the hospital. Emily was struggling with multiple health issues, and was having trouble breathing normally. Without understanding their daughter’s condition, the parents signed a document denying her a procedure that would help her breathe. They thought the procedure would require a painful incision that would hurt her more than it would help. This procedure was never explain clearly, therefore they did not sign a document for this procedure to be done to their daughter.

d.a.c. visited the family in the hospital and helped explain Emily’s options. The parents were able to make an educated decision and selected a different procedure to help Emily breathe. Emily has fully recovered.

Lost in Translation

After a week of hospitalization due to seizures, *Mark was discharged and prescribed a medication requiring administration three times a day. When d.a.c. called Mark’s mother to ask her if she had signed the forms at the nurse office at school, since they need the parent permission for them to be able to administer the medications during school hours, she said she had not, but everything was fine. Instead of giving Mark medicine three separate times a day, she was giving him all three doses in the morning to make sure he got it all.

The staff of d.a.c. informed the mother that the medication was not supposed to be taken that way, and called poison control for direction. Luckily, Mark was okay and only observation was required.

Regaining Confidence

*Tom used a manual wheelchair, but he was having a difficult time keeping up with friends and participating in activities. While his physical therapist wanted him to continue using his wheelchair to strengthen his upper body, Tom’s family knew this wasn’t the best option for their son.

d.a.c. staff met with Tom’s therapist, doctor, teacher and parents to explore other ways for Tom to keep fit. As a result, Tom got a prescription for an electric wheelchair and exercises in the gym. His whole attitude has changed. He is now able to keep up with friends, and be active in the community.

* Names have been changed to protect the person’s identity. The stories are based on real events.

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