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New Site! New Logo!

Ana Perez

The Overnight Website Challenge starts out with the nonprofit describing what they want from the volunteers. Then teams come together and help the nonprofit try to create the best website in 24 hours!

When going over the old site and changes Ana wanted, we noted that the wheelchair icon that was shown throughout the site was important to her. It was on her original site and it had been a constant image throughout the d.a.c.'s history. It was special to Ana. During the OWC competition, logos are not normally created but we felt that updating her logo to incorporate that icon was important.

It was hard for Ana to part with the old logo because it had been created by someone within d.a.c.. I decided to showcase the wheelchair icon but keep elements from the old, to incorporate that history into the new logo. The swoosh on the bottom represents d.a.c.'s hands holding up people in need. Showing how they help their community.

We used pastel colors on the site to help with accessibility. Pastels help people who are prone to seizures. I incorporated those pastels into the logo. The color was bright and cheerful. It showcases their approachable personality.

We are so excited to be able to create this logo for Ana and the crew at d.a.c.!

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